Forbes has included South Dakota in its list of 14 Best Places To Travel In The US In 2019. I've traveled all around the state an I wholeheartedly agree.

Forbes canvased 14 of what they call the 'most plugged-in travel experts' to help compile their list.

South Dakota was chosen by Katie Jackson who is a travel writer based in Montana. She explained "South Dakota unexpectedly blew me away when I road tripped across the country. The wonderfully tacky roadside attractions along I-90, which can easily turn a two-day trip into a week, include the world’s largest corn palace, the world’s largest log chair, a 50-foot-tall Indian woman, upside down firetrucks, a deer made of car parts and a huge fiberglass horse with 'Rushmore heads.'"

Other places listed in the “14 Best Places To Travel In The US In 2019.”

  • Fort Lauderdale, Florida
  • Santa Fe, New Mexico
  • Nashville, Tennessee
  • Fort Collins, Colorado
  • New York
  • Jackson Hole, Wyoming
  • Winston-Salem, North Carolina
  • Lancaster, Pennsylvania
  • Palm Springs, California
  • Baltimore, Maryland
  • Charleston, South Carolina
  • Colonial and Greater Williamsburg, Virginia
  • North Adams and Williamstown, Massachusetts

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