Thursday evening was a night of Northern Lights and Bright Meteors filling the South Dakota sky.

Check out this video police captured of a meteor crashing to earth.

The Watertown Police Department in northeastern South Dakota posted a video of a meteor blazing into the earth's atmosphere.

Watertown, South Dakota-Google Maps
Watertown, South Dakota-Google Maps

With a bit of humor, the Watertown PD wrote...

“Our downtown camera captured something in the sky above Watertown this morning at 3:12 am. Meteorite, space junk, first contact? Regardless, there has been a warrant issued for excessive speed.”

The Watertown Police later posted an update with a video on their Facebook page that stated: "We have assigned Captain Ellis the case."

Ya gotta love a police department with a good sense of humor!

Totally True Ghost Stories Told By the People of Sioux Falls

I'm not sure I totally believe in ghosts or the paranormal, but I do enjoy a good ghost story, and the people of Sioux Falls had some great ones!

We asked our listeners to tell us their scary stories Maybe it was a ghost, maybe you thought someone was in the house, maybe you heard weird noises, maybe stuff moved without anybody touching it! We wanted to hear it all!

Some of these are so creepy! Continue reading....if you dare!


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