There are days here in Sioux Falls when I think the possibility is high that a lot of us may utter the phrase, "OMG, we have the worst drivers here!" The reality is, that we don't. That honor belongs to Hawaii where So apparently, you're living in paradise, but the traffic is hell.

WalletHub is out with its 2020 Best & Worst States to Drive In study, and they don't just take into consideration bad or dangerous drivers (which falls into the Safety category) They also consider the cost of ownership, including gas prices, vehicle maintenance, and insurance costs.

They also examine traffic and infrastructure including, road and bridge quality, commute times, weather conditions, and traffic congestion.

In the safety category, they explored seat belt usage, car theft rates, traffic fatalities, uninsured driver rates, deer collision rates (believe it or not), and yes, of course - -bad driving habits (texting or other distracted behavior, speeding, aggressive acceleration, not using turn signals, harsh braking, etc.).

The outcome for South Dakota was so-so. We're in 29th place, so almost right in the middle of all 50 states. Glass half-full philosophy would be, "Hey at least we're not the worst!". But brace yourself, the best state to drive in? Iowa.

To see the complete report, check out WalletHub.

Source: WalletHub

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