Even though Sioux Falls consistently ranks high in studies, surveys and polls regarding the "family-friendliness" of our city, our state overall is only in the middle of the pack in the latest WalletHub examination of the

South Dakota ranked 19th out of our 50 states. Our surrounding neighbor states all ranked much higher:

  • Minnesota: 2nd
  • North Dakota: (unbelievably) was 4th
  • Iowa: 8th
  • Nebraska: 9th

WalletHub used a number of statistics to come up with these rankings, including things like birth and death rates, poverty rankings, crime rates, number of available entertainment activities, median salaries, affordable housing and daycare and much more.

South Dakota's highest ranking was in the socio-economic category, which encompassed housing affordability, job security and unemployment rates as contributing factors.

The best state to raise a family according to WalletHub? Massachusetts.

To see the complete study, go to WalletHub.

Source: WalletHub

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