It was 13 years ago last month, in May of 2005, that Ellsworth Air Force Base, in western South Dakota, appeared to be heading for closure, as the Department of Defense recommended that the base cease operation.

But not only the did the base survive the chopping block, it is now been picked to handle a new project.

The United States Air Force has chosen Ellsworth its' B-1 bombers to be home to the new AGM-158C Long Range Anti-Ship Missile, which is designed to strike enemy ships from long distances.

Beginning this week, Ellsworth Air Force Base crews will be the first to train and qualify on the new missile, marking the first time the weapon has gone from the test phase to the operational phase.

The LRASM program was launched in 2009, and last month had a second successful test on B-1 bombers off the coast of California.

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