When I hear about events like this, it makes me miss my dogs so much! Not that I could have taken my German Shepherds anywhere that good behavior would have been expected, mind you.

I could count on both hands the number of people Bella even liked, and that includes me! She was not a friendly pooch, but she was protective. My boy Zeus? Now he was a people person. He loved attention, loved riding in the car, loved to drive Bella crazy.

The very thought of him at an event where music would be part of the proceedings, makes me smile because he would quite often howl at music, wolf and train whistles, and other dogs howling. And if food was included, he was one happy boy!

In any case, you and your dog/dogs will love "Sounds & Hounds" coming up on Sunday, September 29, from 1 to 4 PM, at Strawbale Winery. This fundraising event is being hosted by Sioux Falls Humane Society, Strawbale Winery, and the Sioux Falls Chamber Music Collective to benefit our furry, fuzzy and sometimes feathered, friends at the Sioux Falls Humane society.

Come out to Strawbale, bring your pups, a doggy bowl, lawn chairs, leashes, and waste bags. You can enjoy the food trucks, wine, ciders and of course, music!

Tickets are available at the gate and are $10 for adults, kids 12 and under are free. Feel free to bring donations for the Sioux Falls Humane Society. You can check out their wish list for ideas, or simply make an additional cash donation.

For more information, call Allison Wyant at 605- 338-4441.

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