The city of Sioux Falls is hoping to get your input on how to improve one of the busiest interchanges in the city.

Dakota News Now is reporting that city engineers revealed a few of their possible plans to help solve traffic issues for the I-229 Benson road interchange Thursday night during a public meeting.

Some of the plans discussed that evening included the implementation of a "diverging diamond interchange design," aimed to increase traffic flow by shifting traffic to the left side of the road.

Engineers also proposed widening Benson Road to six lanes to help solve traffic congestion.

Steven Gramm, Planning Engineer for the South Dakota Department of Transportation told Dakota News Now, “There are aspects of the thing that can be tweaked yet, so if something is totally disruptive to somebody we want to hear about it now rather than three weeks before the bulldozer shows up to remove dirt.”

Project managers are encouraging Sioux Falls drivers to weigh in on the topic. Those wishing to do so can offer up their thoughts and suggestions here.

Source: Dakota News Now

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