A fifteen-year-old Sioux Falls girl was kidnapped and sexually assaulted as she was walking to a friend’s house after classes at Lincoln High School on Wednesday.

Sioux Falls Police Spokesman Sam Clemens says the suspect made repeated attempts to lure the victim into his dark-colored SUV.

“The driver was alone and he was asking her if she wanted a ride. She told him, ‘No,’ and kept walking. He followed her and several times asked her to get in the car. He suddenly stopped, got out and grabbed her and actually put her inside the car.”

From there Clemens says the suspect held her against her will and drove to his apartment in the 900 block of S. Newcomb Ave. The girl was carried into the apartment and held for several hours.

“Once they were there, he sexually assaulted her. (Some time later, the suspect) made a comment that he was going to get a friend and left the apartment. She took that opportunity and found some guy walking his dog who brought her to a gas station where she was able to call police (at about 9:30 PM).”

While the girl was in the man’s apartment, Clemens says the girl considered escaping, but was scared of what would happen if she attempt to flee had failed. Thirty-four-year old Jason Marquis Becker is charged with Kidnapping, 2nd Degree Rape and 4th Degree Rape.

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