The Salvation Army has played a significant role in the holiday season since its beginnings in 1891. The red kettle with its bellringers is one of the most recognizable sights and sounds of the holidays. The message of the Salvation Army has never changed, they are spreading the word of God and meeting human needs wherever they exist.

To support this mission and to attempt to raise as much as possible in one day, Sioux Falls is invited to join in the "Salvation Army $20 Challenge" this Saturday, December 10.

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All day long, anytime you drop a $20 bill in a red kettle, that twenty dollars will become more, courtesy of several anonymous donors in the area.

The greatest need facing the Salvation Army right now is monetary donations which will be used to provide social services ranging from medical care to food and housing subsidies, disaster relief, and more.

"In 2021, nine hundred families received assistance to help cover food, rent, and heating. That number is now 1,200. Red kettle proceeds are $10,000 behind last year at this time," Organizers said in a statement.

This Saturday's event is a great example to all of us, of the power of giving - -together.

For more information, to volunteer, or just to give, see the Salvation Army online, on Facebook.

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