Locomotives and people can be a dangerous combination, particularly if you're not a passenger on one.

Case in point, the Sioux Falls pedestrian that got hit by a train Thursday afternoon near 12th Street and Cliff Avenue.

KDLT News is reporting a pedestrian got too close to the railroad tracks near Drake Springs Aquatic Center at 12th and Cliff on Thursday (June 29), and was struck by a train.

Police told KDLT News the pedestrian was sitting near the edge of the tracks as the train approached. The conductor spotted the pedestrian and sounded the train's horn. The man failed to move, and the locomotive ended up grazing him, causing the pedestrian to roll into a rock filled ditch.

According to Sioux Falls Police Sergeant Randy Brink, fortunately the man only received minor injuries, like scrapes and a nasty case of road rash.

Brink did not have the man's preliminary breath test results at the time of the KDLT News briefing, but it's believed that alcohol may have played a factor in the accident.

Source: KDLT TV

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