If you're a fan of Here Come the Mummies, and to be honest, the 8-piece funk-rock band has a lot of fans in Sioux Falls, thanks to their prior, jubilant, energy-filled and just plain fun, performances here in the past. In any case, you should know, you're going to have to wait to see them a while longer.

Due to a serious accident, which you might have heard about on their Facebook page, the Mummies have canceled their performance, which was set for Saturday night, July 20, at the 28th Annual JazzFest this weekend.

According to Rob Joyce with Sioux Falls Jazz & Blues Society, band member Mummy Cass was injured in an accident and diagnosed with broken ribs, which then led to a collapsed lung and hospitalization.

The good news is, MarchFourth, another amazing, high energy funk group has agreed to close the show on Saturday night. They're not only tremendous musicians but also include colorful costumes, a wild variety of acrobats, stilt walkers, and dancers in their performance.

Local jazz group Brian Hannigan Quintet has agreed to perform in the slot prior to MarchFourth.

So HCTM (Here Come the Mummies) fans, you'll just have to be patient until next summer, when the "5,000-year-old" musicians have promised to return to JazzFest!

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