I understand how hard it can be to scrape together compassion and cash these days. We look around at what is going on in the world and we tend to draw the people, creatures and things we treasure closer to us, and shut out the rest of the planet. But I also know how generous people are in this area.

With that in mind, I want to let you know that the Sioux Falls Humane Society needs pet food ASAP! They desperately need food for their own critters and for the Community Pet Food Bank.

If you want to help feed the animals in shelter there make it Purina Brand pet foods. If you want to give to the Community Pet Food Bank it can be anything, as long as it is dry food. Even if you have an open bag of food, you can donate it if it is still in the original packaging and taped shut.

The Community Pet Food Bank is for people with pets they desperately need food for, but have no way of providing. They can receive one bag of food per month with photo ID.

There are several locations around town where you can drop off your donations and they'll be picked up:

Donations are accepted at the Sioux Falls Humane Society (3720 E. Benson Road) daily from 11 AM to 6 PM.

For more information call (605) 338-4441, follow Sioux Falls Humane Society on Facebookonline and on Instagram.

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