One research project after another on the subject of volunteering has show time and time again that making a difference in someone else's life can lead to big positive changes in your own!

The Helpline Center has been an advocate of both life-changing experiences. Over the last year, one of the most fun and successful programs they offer has been the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Projects.

Every month they suggest taking on a project on your own, with friends, or family, your church or youth group, service clubs, business groups, and more.

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It could be anything, and while they suggest a monthly project, you can choose any of them, to do anytime, and then offer them to Helpline suggested agencies, shelters, churches, etc.

Here are just two suggestions for the spring and summer seasons:

  • DIY Plant a Garden Project - Now this spring activity is one that can be as soul-soothing to you as it will be to people you share it with. All you need to do is start a small garden, tend to it and then share its bounty with others. You can even grow a container garden with vegetables or flowers.
  • DIY Kids Summer Fun Activity Pack - You can start at the dollar store or other thrift store to collect your items. Use a sand bucket or other plastic container to hold the items you want to include. Some ideas for you are sidewalk chalk, bubbles, balls, jump ropes, pool toys, sunscreen, insect repellent, and more. After it is filled decorate it with fun stickers and kid colors.

For more information on these volunteer opportunities, and hundreds of others, call the Helpline Center at 211, or see Helpline Center online, on FacebookTwitterInstagram, and Linkedin.

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