America's Funniest Home Videos or AFV for short, has been a Sunday night staple since 1989.

The premise is simple. People send in funny videos. Then those videos are voted on and the winner gets money!

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Jordan and Kate Olson live in Sioux Falls and sent in a video of their son, Felix. Felix is apparently the only boy on his block and he just wants someone to play with him.

He goes over to the neighbor's house and has a very important question.

The video was good enough to be in the finals!

The Olsons were on TV with host, Alfonso Ribeiro. They even brought the neighbors along!

The family went on to win the big $10,000 prize!

When I chatted with Jordan Olson, he added, " Loren and Julie have been our neighbors ever since Felix was born. Therefore, we know them fairly well and there have never been young kids around their house. Being on the show was quite the experience and it was cool to get a behind-the-scenes look at how they film the episodes. Alfonso was usually messing around and making people laugh when the cameras weren’t rolling. He is really nice!"

Sounds like it was a fun experience for everyone!

Congratulations to the Olsons!

I hope Felix gets some other kids on the block to play with soon.



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