For a lot of us, spring and summer are seasons of events, graduations, weddings, vacations, etc. For others, these two intervals signify renewal; of spirit, of environment, of attitude.

If you're someone who is looking to up your activity quotient and activate your "little gray cells," a community education experience awaits you.

Let say that this year you've decided to put in a major vegetable garden with plans of giving away your summer garden produce as gifts for the holiday season, but canning veggies is completely foreign to you. No problem, perhaps a course on Artisan Canning or Culinary Boot Camp is just what the chef ordered!

Maybe you want to turn your music dreams into a reality by learning to play the guitar or your desire to become an Ebay mogul is only outweighed by your total lack of knowledge about Ebay. Both of these situations can be addressed by taking a course from Sioux Falls Community Education.

Your kids won't be left out either, whether they want to know more about bugs, babysitting, kayaking, construction, manners, makeup or fashion and food, there are classes and activities for them too. And if online classes are what you need in terms of convenience and/or flexibility, those are available too.

It's also a great way to spend your spare time; meeting like-minded people and forging new friendships, while learning a new skill or brushing up on an old one.

For more information on all the possibilities with Sioux Falls Community Education, go to,, call 605-367-7999, or check out their Facebook page.

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