The future is pointing the direction of moving up to South Dakota Class 11A next year, but Sioux Falls Christian is celebrating their second 11B championship.

Sioux Falls Christian defeated Bridgewater-Emery/Ethan in convincing fashion 43-8 on Friday (November 9) afternoon. The Chargers set a brand new Class 11B rushing record with 435-yards on the ground. Parker Nelson helped lead the way with 245 yards on 34 carries. Sioux Falls Christian is celebrating another championship, but the future of the program looks to be taking them into another class.

At halftime of our broadcast, we had a chance to talk with Sioux Falls Christian elementary school principal Matt Covey about a variety of topics. One of those topics was the future of football at Sioux Falls Christian. Due to the enrollment of the classes under this group, Covey expects that the team will be moved up one class heading into next year.

"Yes. Everything is pointing in the direction of us moving up to 11A based on our enrollment in the high school but also in the classes K-8. We are anticipating that we will get moved up starting next year and that we will be in 11A for the long run." - Covey

The end of the 2018 football season will end the two-year cycle that the SDHSAA uses for class alignment and scheduling. The SDHSAA will look at average daily membership and set the new class alignments this upcoming spring/summer. Moving up into Class 11A would place them with teams like West Central, Tea Area, Madison, Lennox, and Dell Rapids as areas teams.

That's all for Sioux Falls Christian to work with and worry about in the future. But if this is the end of the Chargers stay in Class 11B, they couldn't have ended it in a better way.

They're leaving the class on top.

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