If you or someone you know has gone through radiation therapy for the treatment of breast cancer, you probably know about the 'radiation tattoo.'  This tattoo isn't some fancy drawing or a favorite quote, it's a necessity to get the proper treatment.

Radiation markings (tattoos) are used to precisely pinpoint the accurate targeting of the tumor area.

The markings are permanent, just like tattoos.  Some women feel that their radiation tattoos are marks of survival and strength, but others prefer to have the tattoo removed for cosmetic reasons or because they are a painful reminder of their cancer.

If you have decided to have your radiation tattoo removed, LazaDerm Skincare Centre in Sioux Falls is offering free radiation mark removal for breast cancer survivors during the month of October using their new PicoSure laser.

The laser erases tattoos with fewer treatments and better results compared to other laser technology.

You will need an official letter from your oncologist or radiologist approving the removal of any radiation marks.

To schedule an appointment, call the Sioux Falls office located at 5011 S. Louise Avenue, 605-275-6128 or visit their website.


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