If pride were an energy source, I think Sioux Falls could run on it endlessly and now we have even more fuel! The latest addition to the city's downtown area is equal parts art and architecture, beautifully inspiring, and a representation of what drives Sioux Falls forward.

The Arc of Dreams is now complete and it is time to celebrate! This wondrous artwork is part of our already famous SculptureWalk, and celebrates all dreamers, past, present, and future, who have made Sioux Falls the thriving community it is today and guarantee it's progress moving forward.

The Arc of Dreams Dedication Party begins at 7:30 PM on Wednesday, July 24, with self-guided tours of the Arc and Metli Plaza. The Sioux Falls Brass Quintet will be playing at the amphitheater on the Cherapa side (east). On the Raven side (west), you'll find Backyard BBQ, SDSU Ice Cream, pop, and water, plus three of Sioux Falls great craft brewers, Fernson, Remedy, and WoodGrain.

Make sure you bring your own chairs, so you can be comfy for the rest of the celebration, which begins at 9:30 and includes the Arc of Dreams dedication and light show, followed by fireworks.

For more information on how you can become a donor to Arc of Dreams/SculptureWalk or get a very stylish T-shirt celebrating both, see Arc of Dreams online and on Facebook.


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