Because newly-sworn-in South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem hired her daughter to work for her administration, some lawmakers in Pierre are looking to block state officials from hiring relatives.

Republican State Senator Stace Nelson is the bill's main sponsor. He says after then Governor-Elect Noem announced her daughter was being brought on as a policy analyst, he heard from several "outraged state residents."

Nelson's argument is that the hiring of state employees should be based solely on merit, not on - what he calls - "political family power." He says nepotism isn't something that should be brought into state government.

Under the bill being proposed by Nelson, all state officials and employees would be banned from serving in a supervisory capacity over relatives including parents, spouses, children, and siblings.

A spokeswoman for Governor Noem didn't immediately comment.

The 2019 legislative session starts Tuesday, January 8.

Source: KSFY TV

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