Chances are you've heard someone mention the term "earworm" before.

The definition of an earworm is a catchy song that gets stuck in a person's head and continually runs through their mind.

This can be a good or bad thing, depending on the song. I mean the last thing I would think you want running through your head over and over are the songs "Barbie Girl" or "Baby Shark."

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Recently, the company known as Preply conducted a survey to determine the most searched-for song lyrics in every state in the nation.

As a kid growing up listening to the radio 24-7, I can remember being a real music geek. I would hear a song I like, and then immediately run to Musicland or Budget Tapes and Records here in Sioux Falls and buy the 45 or album.

Back in those days, long before the digital age, you would have to take your best guess on song lyrics. Most were easy enough to decipher, others, not so much.

For instance, some of the most commonly misheard song lyrics always seemed to be, "We Built This City on Sausage Rolls", "I Like Big Butts in a Can of Limes", "Money For Nothin' and Chips for Free", "Every Time You Go Away, You Take a Piece of Meat With You", or who could forget the classic, "Hold Me Close Tony Danza" which of course is really Elton Johns' hold me close "Tiny Dancer."

Back in the 70s, Manfred Mann had a song called "Blinded By the Light." I remember the lyrics from that song had people befuddled back in the day. And evidently, four-plus decades later, those lyrics still have a number of us South Dakotans scratching our heads.

"Blinded By the Light", still happens to be the most searched-for song lyrics in South Dakota to this date.

Are some people still under the assumption they're singing "Wrapped Up Like a Douche in the Middle of the Night?"

Folks, it's actually "Revved Up Like a Deuce, Another Runner in the Night."

What a hoot! You gotta love music, and the passion people have for their favorite songs.

At least now, during the digital age, all these song lyric mysteries can finally be solved.


Which just so happens to be the most searched-for song lyrics in North Dakota. I know, weird, right?

Source: Preply

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