What is the first thing you do when choosing a carton of eggs?  Check to see if any are cracked, right?

What if you made your next trip to the grocery store sort of a treasure hunt? Most people could give a rip. They just want their eggs and other items on the list and move on. Me too. But if you're interested in how fresh those eggs are you'll want the key to unlock the code on your egg carton.

This comes from SouthernLiving.com where that carton of eggs came from and how they are graded. And most importantly when.  There's actually another label that can tell you the exact date of when your eggs were packed and shipped off to retailers.

If you take a standard carton of eggs (1-dozen) look on the end for three sets of digits.

The first set should be the expiration date or best by date. Underneath that you will have the plant code followed by the packaging date.

Keep in mind that the packaging date will only be three numbers. This is where the Egg Stamp Pocket Guide will be needed to decipher the information you are looking for.