I don't know about you, but the minute the calendar rolls over to October, I swear I can feel the holidays closing in. Depending on how you spent your summer months, (i.e.-staycation vs. away-cation, major remodel vs. do-it-yourself paver patio) you may or may not have the energy or the money to do some major shopping now.

But if there are items you truly need and should have in your home (at least two of these items qualify) then now is the time to buy according to Consumer Reports.

  • Smoke & carbon monoxide detectors - These items can and have saved lives and truly are a necessity. They suggest you check regulations where you live before you shop for these. Some insurance companies even offer a discount if these are installed in your home. They also advise that you do not buy combination smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, as none on the market do a good enough job of detecting both.
  • Mattresses - You've probably seen some of the ads and yes October is truly a great month to buy these. Right around Columbus Day weekend, you're going to find some remarkable prices. Don't expect to be able to compare prices though, because different stores will carry different models. Take a least 15 minutes to lie on the bed and move around like you do, to get an idea of your comfort level with it. Considering the amount of time you'll be sleeping on it, it's worth it to be certain.
  • Interior paint - Sprucing up for the holidays? If it involves doing some painting, now is a good time to shop for the paint. Make sure you get the correct finish for the area you're painting. (Some are more stain-resistant than other, some hide imperfections better than others, etc.)
  • Snow blowers - You'll see some good sales right now, but you'll have plenty to consider. Snow blowers can range in price from $200 to well over a thousand. So think about the features you want and/or need and get the right size machine for your driveway and property. (Most mid-sized models can handle drifts left by occasional storms, but again if you have a sizeable amount of property to cover, that may not work for you).

For a ton of great consumer information, you can do what I always do; check with Consumer Reports.



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