Just because 2022 is in the rearview mirror, doesn't mean that most of us are able to spend big bucks on things we'd like to have, or even, desperately need. The good news is that you can find select products in both of those categories, (thanks to our friends at Consumer Reports) this month, for less than what you might spend otherwise.

Because we're coming out of a month of huge sales, finding discounts is going to take some digging if you're looking for items, not on this list, but remember Consumer Reports' advice and always try to negotiate for a lower price on anything you want to buy.

Here are the Consumer Report's 9 Deeply Discounted Products for January


Pillows and sheets
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Winter white sales are no myths sheets and pillows are always a good bet for savings during the month of January. Freshen up your bedrooms without emptying your bank balance

Bathroom scales

Cat on bathroom scale
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I know exactly how that cat (above) feels. If (I repeat), if-- you really want or need a new, good, reliable, bathroom scale (minus the snarky attitude) January is a good month to find them on sale. Think of it as a piece of fitness equipment, which brings us to our next item.


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Be ready to spend around a grand for one of these clothes hangers- -I mean, most popular workout equipment. This is one of those items with so many different models and prices, you really need to do some shopping around.


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High-end elliptical options often come with prices near $2500, but you can find them cheaper. Again, you need to know what you want and shop around.

Sound Bars

Sound bars

Whether you got a new TV for Christmas, or just want the one you have to sound better, this product could be just the thing. They're relatively easy to set up and retailers are clearing them out to make way for new inventory, so there should be some good buys out there.


Humidifier in room with plants
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Any other time of the year, in our part of the world, you'd have to be crazy to fire up a humidifier. But in the winter dry air is a thing around here and a humidifier could make all the difference for your health (your skin, nose, and throat will thank you) and yeah - -your plants too.

Fitness Trackers and Smartwatches

Fitness Tracker and Smartwatch
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These amazing and sometimes annoying little gadgets are on sale during the month of January, in a wide range of prices and with an equally wide range of features. You have to do your homework to know what you want and remember that your smartwatch has to be compatible with your smartphone.

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