I love everything about fall! The falling leaves (which surprisingly, I don't even mind raking), the crisp air, the changing light, the end of mowing season, comfort foods, the colors, the impending holiday season (which of course begins with Halloween); all of which give me a warm and cozy feeling.

Perhaps I should take a step back for a moment. There is one thing that occurs during the fall season which I despise; people who feel the need to smash other people's pumpkins. That's right, O.P.P. doesn't just stand for "other people's property", although the thought is the same; "keep your moronic mitts off what isn't yours!!"

Driving to work today along Kiwanis Avenue, I saw the first of what I assume will be many fall and Halloween displays destroyed by someone of itty-bitty intellect. If I thought for one minute that mischievous children were simply having a bit of naughty fun, I might have a less hateful attitude toward this activity, but I know different.

People spend time, money and effort decorating their homes and yards, for themselves, their kids, grandkids, friends, neighbors, etc., to elicit just that cozy seasonal feeling; only to have their efforts smashed to smithereens by a person or persons with no consideration and very few brain cells!

This vandalistic activity positively enrages me, (could you tell?) to the point where I'd like to see the perpetrators punished with the same fervor they used on other citizens property. But maybe that's just me, getting all "witchy" for Halloween!

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