As much as I hate to think about it, Labor Day is on the way, and so is the start of another school season.

As we quickly approach the exit ramp of summer, more and more people are trying to sneak in last minute summer vacations.

So it only figures that gas prices should go up right?

If you've filled up lately, you undoubtedly have noticed a bump at the pump.

KELO TV is reporting that gas prices are up 11 cents from one month ago. Here in Sioux Falls, they're up even more than that. According to AAA, gas prices here in the Sioux Empire have jumped 16 cents during the past month.

Unfortunately, it doesn't look like relief is in sight, anytime soon. The KELO TV news report predicts gas prices will continue to creep up through at least mid September, maybe even until the end of September.

The reason for the recent spike is being blamed on that fact that inventory supplies are down, while demand remains very high.

Source: KELO TV

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