I am going to date myself with this one, but what the heck. There is a lyric line from a Thin Lizzy song out of 1976 that kinda sorta fits this situation (Come to think of it, it doesn't fit at all, but I'm gonna use it anyway).

The song is called "The Boys are Back in Town." The lyric line is, "Guess who just got back today?" Well, guess what just came back to store shelves today? Them Dakota Style Chips that have been away!

KDLT News is reporting that limited flavors of Dakota Style Kettle Chips are about to make their return to store shelves very soon.

Dakota Style made the big announcement on their Facebook page on Wednesday (September 13).

Back are the Original, Honey Mustard, Mesquite BBQ, and Jalapeno chips. You will soon be able to purchase all those flavors in 2.25 oz bags in your favorite local stores.

According to the KDLT News report, Dakota Style plans to offer additional flavors both in stores and online at a later date.

Dakota Style Chips have been off the market ever since their Clark-based chip production plant burned down in February 2016. 

Source: KDLT TV

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