Police say a mother claimed her son sexually assaulted her while in a Sioux Falls apartment with other family members.

"Apparently there was something that happened about a month ago," Sioux Falls Police Spokesman Sam Clemens told us. "Mom waited for her husband and his 11-year-old son to go to sleep. Once that happened, the mother confronted her adult son over this incident. She made the comment that he raped her a month ago. The two were drinking at the time. The son ended up pulling a kitchen knife and started swinging that, cutting his mother in the hand."

Clemens says that's when the husband heard the commotion.

"As he came out to see what was going on, the son chased the husband back into a room. The husband held the door shut while the son was stabbing the knife into the door. The 11-year-old son called police. That's when officers got there. The suspect was either passed out or pretending to be. But, when officers went to arrest him. he turned suddenly and punched one of the officers in the face."

Clemens says 23-year-old Forrest O'Connor of Sioux Falls faces several charges, including three counts of aggravated assault.

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