You're probably going to ask; "So what's so special about this Original Kimball Popcorn Ball, it's just a popcorn ball, right?" Yes, it definitely is a popcorn ball, but not just any popcorn ball.

First of all, it is completely made in Kimball, South Dakota. Secondly, they are huge! One should easily last for two days of snacking. However, if you're an absent-minded muncher like me, you might just consume the entire thing while watching a Hallmark movie on a Sunday afternoon.

Third, they are absolutely yummy! Unlike traditional popcorn balls made with the old corn syrup, water and sugar recipe (the first ones I ever made), Kimball Original Popcorn Balls are made with marshmallow, so they have a deliciously buttery, easily pulled apart, chewy texture and that sweet and salty flavor that just makes you want to keep eating.

Beware, they are highly caloric (220 calories per serving) and carry nearly a fourth of your daily allowance of saturated fat (4 grams per serving) and that is for only one half of that monster popcorn ball, which is supposed to serve two!

They also have a honey-flavored popcorn ball and have recently added (Heaven help me!) a caramel-flavored variety. I've been toying with the idea of ordering a case of 24 which brings their individual price down to about $2.05.

But that would mean I'd have to wait for a bit and I do need to run to Hyvee today. . .hmm?

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