South Dakota has a whopper of a fish story going on at the moment.

Someone dumped a big ol' pile of rotting carp on private land near Lake Poinsett in eastern South Dakota, and authorities are searching for the person responsible.

According to a story from Dakota News Now, the Hamlin County Sheriff's Office first received the news of the pile of fish on May 28. Once deputies arrived, they found a pile of hundreds of rotting carp stacked up on a piece of private property that no one had permission to access.

Authorities are guessing the fish were on the land roughly a week or two before they were discovered. (I'm guessing the smell was really special by that time?)

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I'm no angler, but I have several friends who like to fish, and here in South Dakota, the carp appears to be the brunt of many fish stories and jokes.

Honestly, how many times living in this state have you heard a fisherman say, "I caught a carp that was the size of your face!"

While carp are technically edible, here in Northern America, they generally are considered an invasive species, out-competing more desirable local game fish. Typically when you reel in a carp in South Dakota, you throw it back.

To me, the word "carp" doesn't sound overly appetizing, to begin with. I certainly don't want it on the menu.

As Dakota News Now reports, in South Dakota, the littering of carp is considered a class 1 misdemeanor. Punishable with a maximum penalty of up to one year's imprisonment and a $2,000 fine.

Should you happen to have any information that would aid the Hamlin County Conservation Office in their search for the person/person's responsible for this pile of carp, you're asked to please call 605-881-0018 or contact the Turn in Poachers hotline at 888-683-1884.

Source: Dakota News Now

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