I'm going to do a little bragging here, so prepare yourself. I have known Melissa Johnson, the creator, and owner of Oh My Cupcakes, for a long time. Since, before her beautiful children were starting their own lives, going to college, or getting married. Since before she was "Cupcake Mel". Since, back when she was in the same business as me...Radio!

I was one of her first cheerleaders when she said she wanted to start a cupcakery and I remain one today, with the added bonus of a huge amount of pride at all she has accomplished. Nobody just handed her anything, either!

She made a plan, did her research, and moved forward, slowly, in a calculated, intelligent manner. Not that it was all smooth sailing. Life isn't like that for very many people and numerous heartaches have jumped into her lane of traffic. She has simply learned to navigate her way around them and move on.

But, her success is not surprising, if you know anything at all about Mel. She's smart and kind, but also driven. She loves to give and in order to do that, she works hard to have something to give!

She now has more wonderful news about Oh My Cupcakes. First of all, Chef Amy Warren has been hired as Director of Operations for the Oh My Cupcakes family of companies. Second, that family of companies now includes Johnke Farm Soy Candles.

Melissa has already worked with the Johnke's in Lennox, to develop candles scented like some of Oh My Cupcakes' popular flavors and now has acquired the company, whose name will be updated to reflect the change of ownership.

Warning, I'm going to do a little bragging about Chef Amy too! Amy Warren studied at Le Cordon Bleu and became a classically trained pastry chef. She thrived in the restaurant business in Sioux Falls for a long time, leaving satisfied foodies everywhere she worked. Then she moved into the corporate world.

She was the manager and head Chef when Carnaval first opened, and hired a great little jazz quartet named Blue Twilight to entertain every Friday and Saturday evening. I was incredibly lucky to be the singer in that group and it was, for me, living the dream for over two years.

I'm not sure I ever appropriately thanked her for that opportunity. So, thank you Amy, and congratulations to you and my dear friend Melissa!

Alright, I'm done bragging. Move on--nothing to see here!

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