Ask any parent at back-to-school time, or any other time, really, about how expensive it is to raise kids and their answers will amuse and frighten you at the same time. Especially if you're thinking of having a baby.

The good news is, even after couples are armed with all the statistics, facts and figures, they still decide to have babies. Go figure! The even better news is - South Dakota is a great place to have one!

Wallet Hub, as usual, has gathered information about things that really matter when you're thinking about starting a family:

  • A) Cost - They considered standard and cesarean deliveries, insurance premiums, child care.
  • B) Health care - Number of Pediatricians and Family Doctors per capita, Midwives and ObGyns per capita, quality of women's hospitals and more.
  • C) Baby-friendliness - Number of child-care centers per capita, parental leave policies, number of support groups for new moms.
  • D) Family friendliness - In this category, they referred back to their previous study on Best & Worst Places to Raise a Family for info on affordable housing, median salaries, crime and divorce rates and so on.

When all numbers were crunched, South Dakota did fairly well, showing up 12th overall out of our 50 states, 5th in the "costs" category and 10th in the "family-friendliness" category.

To see the complete report check out Wallet Hub online.

Source: Wallet Hub

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