What's the new restaurant coming to Sioux Falls?

Mooo-'ve over burger places, and make room for what Dakota News Now is reporting, will be, the new "Barn to Burger" restaurant that will be grilling up their take on one of American's all-time favorite foods!

Wagoo Burger will be opening in the Fernson Brewery taproom located at 332 South Phillips this Friday, April 1, at 3 PM.

What makes this burger place different from the others?

Freshness. In fact, their motto is "Barn to Burger!" Their cattle -

...are processed by small businesses to ensure that from barn to burger, everything is thoughtfully made with our farmers, our family, and our community in mind.

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Another thing that will make Wagoo different is when they say it is "locally sourced" they mean it. Their beef will be coming from a family farm operation in Humboldt.

Is this a franchise being brought to Sioux Falls?

Nope, the same guys who own a little upscale eatery in Downtown Sioux Falls, that you might have heard of - -Crawford's, are opening this burger bungalow. And they're making it "as local as it gets!"

What will they be serving?

There will be a whole lot of burgers on the menu, but that's not all. They'll also be cooking up other South Dakota favorites, like Chislic and Dakota Nachos.

Here are just a couple of items you'll find on their menu:

  • Sonoran Burger - Bacon-crusted smash burger, pepper jack cheese, avocado, pinto beans, pico de gallo, then a little mayonnaise and cilantro
  • Twin Bing Beer Floats - Candy pecan rimmed glass, vanilla ice cream, cherry syrup, and fresh mint, served with Ferson Twin Bing Stout.

I don't know about you but they had me at bacon and Twin Bing Stout!

For more information see Wagoo's Facebook page.

Source: Dakota News Now

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