Sioux Falls has a lot to offer like great parks, bike trails, stores, restaurants, arts, entertainment, along with wonderful places to work and live. If you live in Sioux Falls you know what a great city it is! Now the folks at Livability have just confirmed what we already know.

Livability came out with their list of the 2020 Top 100 Best Places to Live. And Sioux Falls ranks #10!

Livability states, “Right now, millions of people are reevaluating where they want to live. If you’re one of them, this list is for you. We analyzed more than 1,000 small to mid-sized cities on factors like safety, affordability, economic stability, outdoor recreation, accessibility, and community engagement. This year’s list was also informed by a new metric: an “opportunity score” we used to determine each city’s landscape of opportunity, including variables like job numbers, broadband access, economic resilience, and growth.”

These are the Top 10 ranked Best Places to Live:

  1. Fort Collins, CO - Population 170,243
  2. Ann Arbor, MI – Population 119,980
  3. Madison, WI – Population 259,680
  4. Portland, ME – Population 66,215
  5. Rochester, MN – Population 118,935
  6. Asheville, NC – Population 92,870
  7. Overland Park, KS – Population 195,494
  8. Fargo, ND – Population 124,662
  9. Durham, NC – Population 278,993
  10. Sioux Falls, SD – Population 183,793

You can see the full list of 2020 Top 100 Best Places to Live at

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The Perry Nature Area

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