The aim of the South Dakota Department of Social Services' new anti-meth campaign is "to bring awareness to resources available to those seeking help and to connect and empower community members who want to tackle the South Dakota methamphetamine issue locally."

The goal is earnest, the necessity, also obvious, but the campaign's title, "Meth, We're On It", while meant to convey action being taken against the insidiousness of methamphetamine addiction, is apparently, in many people's opinions, extremely unfortunate.

The dual nature of the meaning of the phrase may have at least warranted closer scrutiny, before being coined as a statewide campaign title, if social media backlash is any indication.

Our media partner KSFY-TV had some very interesting comments from their Facebook contributors in reaction to the story today:

  • Christy Schissel Graves - Dumbest campaign slogan & commercial I have EVER seen!! Come on SD-we can do better than this!!
  • Laura Klock - South Dakota is on meth. That’s how I read this. 😞 I love there’s going to be a campaign but as a marketing professional, I’m bummed to see this easily misread slogan! I hope the state didn’t pay a marketing firm a lot for this.
  • Dawn Coffey - When I first saw the commercial for this.. my thoughts were anyone seeing would think SD residents are on meth.. bad wording..bad spot.
  • Tina Scroggin Clements - We’re on it. How did that get through marketing?
  • Judy Steckelberg - I don't get it and judging by the thread, neither do a lot of other people. Sounds like we're bragging we're on meth. SD is going to be the laughing stock of late-night tv--and deserve to be. Was there a whole group of people that made this decision and thought it was a good idea or just one person?
  • Shar Colombe - Clearly whoever came up with this campaign is on it. For a State Department full of "educated" people, you would think a better campaign would have been released. Flat weird.
  • Ashlee Reck - No way they'll come up with a campaign worse than "Don't Jerk and Drive!" South Dakota: Hold my beer.

That is just a very small sampling.

This is Governor Noem's official video for the kickoff of the campaign.


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