Falls Park is Sioux Falls namesake and one of the most visited places in the State of South Dakota. The Visitor Information Center, located at 900 North Phillips Ave., on the edge of Falls Park, features a 50-foot viewing tower that offers amazing, breathtaking views of the falls of the Big Sioux River.

The Falls Park Visitor Information Center has announced its new operating hours. The hours have been adjusted to 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM daily.

Queen Bee Mill Falls Park - Ben Davis

The Falls Park Visitor Center is home to the largest selection of Sioux Falls memorabilia including apparel, postcards, glassware, along with a large selection of Sioux Falls merchandise and collectibles.

The Falls at Falls Park in Sioux Falls - Ben Davis

Falls Park encompasses over 123 acres and when the Big Sioux River is running normally an average of 7,400 gallons of water a second drops 100 feet over the pink quartzite rocks. In the park, you will find the Visitor Information Center with the tall observation tower, The Falls Overlook Cafe, the Queen Bee Mill, sculptures, a picnic shelter, and lots of walkways and river observation platforms.

Overlook Cafe Falls Park - Ben Davis
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