So I finally pick up some Zoo Brew. It is on the shelves at all Hy-Vees and other stores around Sioux Falls.

My review: Pours a sparkling golden-yellow colour with a taste of awesomeness that helps raise money for a great cause. Two paws up!

Fernson Brewing of Sioux Falls makes this tasty Golden Ale that comes in the cool brown can with a bear on the label. It's called Zoo Brew.

This is a limited edition run. And when you pick up a six-pack or two or three you are not only getting a great micro brew, you are supporting a local brewery and our own Great Plains Zoo.

A portion of every can sold goes directly to benefit the new Brown Bear Exhibit under construction at the Great Plains Zoo.

So stock up now because Fernson is doing a limited run of the Zoo Brew and once they are gone, they are gone. answer to my friend Patty's question,'s not made with real bear.

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