If you're not already thinking about the upcoming holidays then you're; A) a guy, B) already done with holiday shopping, or C) independently wealthy.

I hope it's C for you, otherwise you'll want to know how to save money on things you need around the house, between now and the holidays. Thankfully Consumer Reports has rounded up 4 products which will be on deep discount during the month of October and one of them is particularly timely.

October 8 through 14 is National Fire Prevention Week and as everyone knows smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are vital, life-saving devices which you need to have on all levels of your home, and this month is a good time to purchase them. Their advice is not to purchase combination smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, as there isn't one on the market which does both effectively.

Once again, mattresses show up on the best buy list for this month. CR's shopping advice is; wear comfortable clothes and spend 15 minutes on a mattress you're interested in, and also start with lower-priced models then work your way up, when you're trying to decide.

Interior paint should be a really good buy in many stores this month too. And, last but certainly not least, snowblowers can be found at pre-season prices right now. You could spend as little as $200 or over $1,000, depending on the size you need and the features you want, but start looking this month and save a few bucks.

For more details on best buys year round check out Consumer Reports.

Source: Consumer Reports

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