If you're doing some home remodeling or renovations, or maybe you're a "flipper" not a "flopper", March is a very good month to get good buys on products you may be using. It is also a great time for choco-holics and photography buffs.

Here are some best buys for this month from Consumer Reports (CR):

  • Countertops - Remember that bathroom countertops are subject to less wear and tear than kitchen ones, so take durability, cost of materials and installation into account when you're planning and shopping. Buying remnants for smaller areas can save money too. Rounded edges on countertops are safer and may not cost you extra.
  • Flooring - Again, durability is a huge factor to consider as well as your budget and style. Solid-wood and tile are the most durable and also the most costly, but solid-wood is not as resistant to moisture damage. If you choose wood flooring, you should buy it all at once to avoid color differences. Porcelain tile is recommended by CR engineers as a "natural fit for high-traffic areas". Whatever decisions you make on product, doing some of the prep can save you a few bucks too. Something as simple as unpacking the wood, or laminate products not only saves you money, but allows the products to acclimate to the environment in your home.
  • High quality chocolate - Prices usually drop between Valentine's Day and Easter, so stock up, just in case you gave it up for Lent!
  • Digital cameras - New camera models are coming in, so you'll find deep discounts on last year's models, just in case your smartphone doesn't complete you as a photographer.
  • Space heaters - As temperatures rise, prices on these fall, so if you're in need of a new one, now is the time.

You can always find best buy ideas every month and ratings on all of the above products at Consumer Reports.

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