On Sunday Sioux Falls Mayor Paul TenHaken did a little question / answer session on Facebook. The Mayor was answering any questions Sioux Falls residents wanted to ask on the comment section of his Facebook page.

One of the things Mayor TenHaken chatted about is that HBO is coming to Sioux Falls. On Monday the Mayor is meeting with a film crew from HBO. They are doing a documentery as a follow up to the book Our Towns by James and Deborah Fallows.

The book Our Towns was written by the Fallows as they spent 5 years flying across the United States in their single engine airplane and writing about towns across America. Sioux Falls was one of the towns they wrote about in the book.

The discription of Our Town on Amazon reads: “James and Deborah Fallows have been traveling across America in a single-engine prop airplane. Visiting dozens of towns, they have met hundreds of civic leaders, workers, immigrants, educators, environmentalists, artists, public servants, librarians, business people, city planners, students, and entrepreneurs to take the pulse and understand the prospects of places that usually draw notice only after a disaster or during a political campaign. Their view of the country is as complex and contradictory as America itself, but it also reflects the energy, the generosity and compassion, the dreams, and the determination of many who are in the midst of making things better. Our Towns is the story of their journey and an account of a country busy remaking itself.

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