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On Saturday morning the following was posted on the Taco John's. of Sioux Falls Facebook page:

"A little after 2 AM This morning a guy tried to rob our Taco John's. He did not get away with any money however he scared our employees to death and I am sure many people who were in our drive-thru during this event. Within 90 seconds after a 911 call, the Sioux Falls Police Department swarmed our location and the suspect was caught shortly afterward.

Taco John's Of Sioux Falls would like to thank all the officers that showed up to ensure our safety and say THANK YOU! We live in an awesome city and that would not be possible without the men and women of the SFPD! BY chance if the person driving the white Honda or the couple on the motorcycle run across this post I would love to speak with you. Please shoot me a message."

On Monday morning Dakota News Now is reporting that 26-year-old Caleb Shawn Fraser of Sioux Falls was arrested and charged after he tried to rob the East 10th Street Taco John's restaurant.

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The man allegedly walked up to the drive-thru window where he used an orange traffic cone to bang on the window and get the attention of the window attendant. When the employee opened the widow Fraser claimed he had a gun. No weapon was shown. The employee was starting to get the money when Fraser turned away. The employee took that opportunity to close and lock the window then went into the back room with other employees and called the police.

Sioux Falls Police later found Fraser not far away around 9th Street and Blauvelt Avenue. Fraser was arrested on charges of aggravated assault, first-degree robbery, false impersonation, and obstruction.

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