Are you contemplating a summer diet so you can look your best in those summer fashions you just bought?

You should know that average diet fails within 59 hours according to a new survey.

That means if you start your diet on Monday morning, odds are that by dinner on Wednesday night you'll have already given up.

And it's not just disappointing that your diet failed so soon, it's also disappointing because you probably ended up gaining some weight in the process. 69% of the people surveyed reported they actually started binging the night before they kicked off the big diet.

Almost 40% of women say they start about 12 diets a year that end up failing.

So how do you make your diet work? The experts offer a few suggestions like:

  • Don't call it a diet. Think of it as a healthy eating plan. It's all about getting healthier not sexier.
  • Don't starve yourself. You can't live on just water and fruits. Your new plan needs to incorporate things like protein, fruit and carbs. Yes carbs. You must have some carbs to make sure your body works right. Reward yourself with a little bread during a meal, or a small cookie for a treat. It will not hurt you if done in moderation.
  • Eat smaller portions. The secret is to reduce the quantity of food you eat on a regular basis. You must resist the urge for seconds and thirds.
  • Keep a photo track. Track your progress as the weight starts to come off. It will help keep you motivated.
  • Work out in conjunction with your diet. The best way to see results with your new healthy eating plan is to combine it with some exercise. Try dedicating 20 to 30 minutes, three times each week doing some cardio exercises. Be careful not to overdo it at first. Work your way into a workout routine that works for you.

And remember, if you start your diet on a Monday and it's still going on Friday, congratulations you just beat the odds!

Source: Female First



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