2017 ended on a high note for one Omaha, Nebraska family as they were reunited with their lost dog on New Year's Eve here in Sioux Falls.

KDLT News is reporting that "Lola" the lost Boxer was finally found on Sunday afternoon in the Ronning Estates area of town.

If you've been paying close attention to social media, you probably already know that Lola went missing on Christmas Eve after she escaped from Omaha resident Mandy Klinkhammer's parents' home in southeast Sioux Falls.

The family, along with other caring Sioux Falls residents have been using the “Loving Lola” Facebook page to provide reports and updates as to Lola's whereabouts.

Search efforts lasted nearly seven days, but finally Sunday afternoon, the family's prayers were answered, when oddly enough Lola was reportedly found by another dog according to KDLT News.

The hero in this story is named "Murphy." On Sunday afternoon, a member of Murphy's family let him outside to do his business, when they noticed that he was barking uncontrollably along the family fence line. They went outside to see what was going on, when they discovered Lola on the other side huddled underneath a big pine tree. Murphy's family, familiar with the "Loving Lola" page, immediately called Animal Control, then Mandy Klinkhammer to give her the good news.

The family kept a close eye on Lola with the help of a set of binoculars until Animal Control officials arrived.

KDLT News reports, once Lola was rescued, she was immediately taken to an emergency vet. Fortunately, Lola only received a few scratches and some sore paws throughout this whole ordeal. Thankfully she had no signs of frostbite, but she did lose nearly 10 pounds while being on the run.

As you can imagine, owner Mandy Klinkhammer was filled with joy and gratitude to once again be reunited with her friend Lola.

After the rescue, Mandy posted the following on the "Loving Lola" Facebook page:

“Where do I begin…This is the best day ever! I am overcome with joy and gratitude. The fact that an entire community rallied behind my family to help me find Lola is humbling. There were times I felt so discouraged. No sightings, bloody paws, frigid temperatures, reports of packs of coyotes, and daunting terrain to cover. I never remained hopeless. God answers prayers. God’s timing is perfect. And God protects all the creatures he’s created. With heartfelt gratitude and appreciation: I thank ALL of you!! Each and every person who shared her post, drove around looking, made posters, searched for supplies, made phone calls, managed this FB page, brought us food/coffee, prayed for us, called with words of encouragement, suited up to brave the weather, I could go on and on. I wish I had a list of each name so I could send a personal thank you to each and every one of you! This community is wonderful! Every resident is lucky to live in such a caring city."

Lola was showered with gifts once the Klinkhammer family knew she was okay after her treacherous journey. According to KDLT News, she received a nice bath and a blueberry facial from Paws and Reflect. Lola also got a few belated Christmas presents like a new sweater, and collar.

But the Klinkhammer family received the best belated Christmas gift of all, Lola back home safe and sound!

Source: KDLT News

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