UPDATE 8/21/23 AT 8:08 AM 

Garwolyn Wreh has been found safe and sound! Thank you for your help! 


Original story: Posted 8/21/23 at 7:07 AM

What's the scariest feeling in the world for parents or guardians? When their child goes missing. There is nothing more heat-wrenching than searching for your child. Right now, there is a family in Sioux Falls that needs your help finding a young girl. She is only 13 years old.

Members of the community are encouraged to pass along any information they know about Garwolyn Wreh's whereabouts to the Sioux Falls Police Department. The department informed the public about Garwolyn Wreh's disappearance on Sunday, August 20th.

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The hope is Garwolyn's picture on the Sioux Falls Police Department's Facebook page and Twitter page will help bring Garwolyn home.

Garwolyn is described as a 13-year-old teenager who was last seen wearing a "red sweatshirt, gray sweats with yellow crocs. She has black and pink hair." As of right now, the Sioux Falls Police Department says Garwolyn was last seen on the east side of Sioux Falls around the area of East 6th Street and North Cleveland Ave. There is a BP gas station and a Shop 'N Cart store near Garwolyn's last known location.

Google Maps (screenshot), Canva
Google Maps (screenshot), Canva

The police are still actively searching for Garwolyn. With the dangerous heat dome blanketing the Sioux Empire, it's so important to find Garwolyn and bring her home safely. Anyone who has seen or heard from Garwolyn Wreh is encouraged to call the Sioux Falls Police Department at (605)-367-7000. Together, the Sioux Falls community can help the Sioux Falls Police Department bring Garwolyn home.

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