Sioux Falls food truck season is here and there's something for everyone to enjoy. But one new Sioux Falls food truck showcases greasy, fried food, especially corndogs.

The Corndog Company is the newest Sioux Falls food truck to try this summer. This "corny" food truck from The Corndog Company is the first truck to call Sioux Falls home.

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This food truck is a corndog lovers dream. Not only does The Corndog Company create classic corndogs, but they are also known for the Honeydog! What is a famous Honeydog from The Corndog Company? They literally drizzle honey on a corndog! It sounds sweet enough to eat!

The Corndog Company does not create your typical corndog. Or snacks!

The Mini

  • 1/8 pound all beef hotdog
  •  Hand-dipped in our freshly-made cornbread-style batter
  •  Drizzled with honey, (thoughtfully) dressed with ketchup and mustard

The Epic 

  • 1/4 pound all beef, footlong hotdog
  •  Hand-dipped in our freshly-made cornbread-style batter
  •  Drizzled with honey, (thoughtfully) dressed with ketchup and mustard

The Cheese-Bomb

  • Cheddar, pepperjack, or mozzarella cheese
  •  Hand-dipped in our freshly-made cornbread-style batter
  •  Drizzled with honey

The Cheese Pop

  • Babybel cheese
  •  Hand-dipped in our freshly-made cornbread-style batter
  •  Drizzled with honey

Deep-Fried Desserts 

  • Milky Way or Snickers
  •  Hand-dipped in our freshly-made cornbread-style batter
  •  Drizzled with honey
  • Hand-dipped in our freshly-made cornbread-style batter
  •  Rolled in asian-style panko breadcrumbs
  •  Dusted with sugar
  •  Drizzled with honey, dipped in a sweet chili sauce

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We can't wait to try The Corndog Company this summer!

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