Exciting new adventures are happening at the Great Plains Zoo in Sioux Falls. The zoo is nearly ready to open new state-of-the-art exhibits and welcome new animal friends to meet.

Sioux Falls can't wait for the return of lions to the Great Plains Zoo with the addition of adorable meerkats. But when will the lions and meerkats finally come to Sioux Falls?

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In a positive update, the City of Sioux Falls announced that the lions and meerkats will return to the Great Plains Zoo this summer! This 30-year dream for Sioux Falls will officially become a reality.

The hope is to open this July. This exhibit and plan for the lions have been part of a vision for the Great Plains Zoo. It is set to be one of the largest habitats in North America. Visitors have year-round opportunities to see the lions and meerkats in indoor and outdoor public settings.

It will feature a lion training window and a kopje rock viewing area, in addition to multiple outdoor yards for the lions. The habitat was designed to promote animal well-being, as well as many behind-the-scenes features that allow the lions to participate voluntarily in their own healthcare.

The habitat will include two indoor viewing spaces, a training window, a Kopje rock viewing area, along with multiple outdoor yards.

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It's good to hear this big project at the Great Plains Zoo is right on track! We can't wait to hear some mighty roars when the lions arrive in Sioux Falls!

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Sioux Falls public pools are open from 1:00 PM to 7:50 PM.

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