What makes a city a great staycation location? Or for that matter, a great vacation spot.  The answers seem obvious, multiple, and varied. So when faced with a question of that scope, you have to go by the numbers.

That is exactly what WalletHub has done in their latest study. They looked at over 180 U.S. cities and compared them using a long list of items that make a place attractive if you indeed live there and are staying there this summer, or perhaps hitting the road or airways to get there.

Of course, Sioux Falls was a part of this study. But the news is only so-so for our city. Sioux Falls came in 68th. Which is kind of surprising when you think about all there is to do here. But never the less, many other cities do have a lot more activities and facilities, and that becomes obvious in this report.

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The requirements for what constitutes a good staycation place were divided into three major areas: Recreation, Food & Entertainment, and Rest & Relaxation.

Within those divisions, they considered the number of facilities like pools, tennis courts, public golf courses, zoos, aquariums, museums, water parks, beaches, and miles of bicycle paths available to people.

They also examined food costs, the number of bars and restaurants, coffee shops, and movie theaters in a city.

Services and facilities considered as luxuries to a lot of us were also compared in number and by cost, including housecleaning, spas, massages, etc.

Even though the Memorial Day weekend saw people traveling in record numbers, for many, the primary reason they are staying close to home is - - money.

Depending on your financial disposition as we climb our way out of the pandemic, you're either doing okay, still trying to recover, or barely holding on, and the last thing on your mind is vacation, at home, or anywhere.

To see the complete staycation report go to WalletHub.

Source: WalletHub

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