A lot of attention has been given to the possible threat or actual implementation of tariffs. A candidate for the United States House of Representatives explains that the country is no stranger to tariffs.

Independent Ron Wieczorek contends that tariffs have been widely used through the nation’s history and are sometimes beneficial.

“This country was built on tariffs and duties. It wasn’t built on a free trade system. Even (President) Lincoln had 50 percent tariffs to help finance a war and build a transcontinental railroad system and start the Homestead Act. Tariffs are something that’s needed to protect the farmer’s prices.”

Where Wieczorek draws the line is how tariffs are used as a weapon by the Trump Administration.

“When you’re out to punish somebody by using a tariff, that’s wrong. What we need is to get a sense of morality back in our government. This predatory capitalism that is destroying this country has to reign in with some sense of morality.”

Wieczorek is also firmly against the North American Free Trade Agreement which he considers a failure for the United States and Mexico while Canada was negatively affected, but to a lesser degree.

The Independent Wieczorek is running for U.S. Congress against Democrat Tim Bjorkman, Libertarian George Hendrickson, and Republican Dusty Johnson.


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