Usually this time of year the leaves on the trees start turning colors and for the most part, float quietly to the ground. Except for some parts of Minnesota where a battle seems to be underway and the oak trees may be on the losing end. Or are they?

Certain members of the Minnesota squirrel population are apparently already tired of waiting for fall to arrive and are ravaging some oak trees. These oaks which are laden with acorns, but not yet ready to drop them are being munched on by these beady-eyed little savages.

Red squirrel
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Otherworldly events- - or just Mother Nature at work? You decide.

According to leading tree experts, this is what is referred to as a "mast year". A year when oak trees try to outproduce their predators in order to ensure their long-term survival.

Acorns on oak tree
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But this also means an abundance of squirrels for the next several years.

It's kind of a vicious circle!

In any case, these greedy little Minnesota beggars are shearing off entire branches of oak trees in places like St. Paul, to get to the not-yet-ready-to-fall acorns. People are finding their yards and vehicles buried under loads of still green oak leaves.

Oak leaves and squirrel
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Scientists even think that it is possible that this is a learned behavior and that adult squirrels may pass on this knowledge to their smaller and even more beady-eyed offspring!

Great! Now we have squirrels who are actually thinking about things! That is freaking me out, man!

As one University of Minnesota extension service forestry expert put it - -

It’s just nature happening, and nature is crazy.

- -Eli Sagor

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