Thursday, July 27, 2022, is the day you have an excuse to pass on the Raisin Bran or oatmeal, and your half-caff, chocolate chip with extra whip concoction. Even skip that brown-bagged tuna sandwich for lunch.

It is Dairy Queen Miracle Treat Day and on this day calories don't count.

Every time you buy a DQ Blizzard, or Blizzard Coupon on Miracle Treat Day at a Sioux Falls Dairy Queen one dollar from each one goes toward making miracles happen for children being treated at our Children's Miracle Network Hospital - Sanford Children's.


Dairy Queen has supported the extraordinary work of the Children's Miracle Network since 1984. During that time DQ has helped raise over $125 million for the cause!

The Sioux Falls DQs go through a week’s worth of ice cream just on Miracle Treat Day. $120,000 is raised annually for Sanford Children’s.

Money raised provides for things like meal vouchers and hotel stays for patient families, funds the child life and spiritual care programs, and helps to purchase life-saving equipment like giraffe omnibeds.

Each year these hospitals treat about 17 million children and they impact the lives of more children than any other children's organization in the world. - - <a href="">Children's Miracle Network</a>

To think that all of this extraordinary work has been supported by people going out and buying a sweet treat starting first thing in the morning and only ending when the line at the drive-thru stops.

The other thing that helps build up these funds is purchasing Dairy Queen Blizzard coupons. They NEVER expire and make great gifts for school friends and teachers, just to say "way to go!" and even Christmas stocking stuffers.

So please, treat yourself and help put smiles on kids' faces right here in Sioux Falls!

Sources: Children's Miracle Network and Wikipedia

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