According to Triple A, as of May 9, the average price for gas in Sioux Falls is right around $2.72 (averaging prices of Minnehaha and Lincoln counties). The average national price is almost $2.83. I guess we should consider ourselves fortunate, because prices elsewhere in the country are well over $3 per gallon already and some areas are barely south of $4!

The bottom line is, we're all going to be paying more, but how much more can depend on how crafty of a consumer you are. Consumer Reports, Triple A and Gas Buddy have advice and practical tips on how you can save yourself some time and hopefully a few bucks too.

  • Don't buy premium fuel if your vehicle is designed to run on regular - Triple A did a study in 2016 which indicated Americans waste around $2 billion (yup with a "B") a year buying premium fuel for their vehicles with no discernible difference in benefit or performance. Premium is a grade, an octane level, it does not mean better. If your car doesn't require it, don't use it! Period.
  • Use a gas station app or website (like Gas Buddy) - These can help you find lower prices.
  • Check gas prices in the areas you're planning to travel through.
  • Think about how you're going to pay - Using your debit card doesn't mean you'll get a cash price. Cash-back credit cards may be a good option depending on the percentage being offered on gasoline.
  • Gas stations not located on major highways may have cheaper gas - But don't go miles out of your way or you're losing any savings you might have gotten.
  • Always compare prices of top-tier gasoline which is better for your engine.
  • Gas Buddy suggests filling up on Sunday and Monday for the best prices and likewise because traffic at gas stations is typically slow on those days. So you can save a few cents and also a lot of time (which is worth something too).

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